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As a Full-Practice Management Consulting Firm, our expertise lies in building the bottom line revenue for the practices we serve. Bringing technology combined with top-notch customer support is our specialty – letting you focus on your specialty practice.


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PAYNow gives your patients the option to pay balances in person, over the phone, or on-line! Our customized solutions can…(read more)


Managing receivables is often the last item on the “to do” list, but neglect of timely follow-up on past due accounts…(read more)


Over 75% of the industry is NOT HIPAA compliant to the new Government regulations…(read more)


CODENow is Veritas Physician Services, LLC’s service that allows your practice to focus on ensuring quality care, while remaining compliant…(read more)


With the different solutions provided by Veritas Physician Services, LLC, your EMR solution can be suited to not only fit…(read more)

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Veritas Physician Services, LLC has the knowledge, customer service skills, and personal attention to detail to assist any medical facility with their needs. It’s been a pleasure working with their team

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