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Full Service Consulting

At Veritas Physician Services, LLC, we understand the constant challenges of managing a successful business. Our experience includes working with a broad range of specialties. We respect the unique aspects of your practice and can work within the structure of your organization to enhance your existing workflow.


The Veritas Physician Services, LLC organization provides some of the most innovative and powerful EMR solutions in the market today: online, and in real-time. All of our solutions are CMS, HIPAA, and Meaningful Use Certified. Our solutions provide you with control, and give you and your staff complete access from any computer with internet access. With our vast knowledge in the healthcare industry, we realize not one solution fits the unique needs of every practice. We’re proud to represent multiple solutions based on the unique needs of the practice.

We help you stay up-to-date of the rise and fall of trends throughout the healthcare industry and bring new revenue enhancement opportunities to our practices. From EMR solutions to In-House Dispensing our Ancillary Services program allows your practice to ensure you’re on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the industry today – supported by US based customer service teams!


Our goal is to maximize your earning potential by reducing your expenses and increasing the net revenue of your practice, allowing you to spend more time with patients and less time managing unnecessary tasks. Our National Network of specialized support staff allows us to provide the unique services your practice needs no matter the location or the requirements.

We understand how important it is for you to save money without investing in expensive hardware, software, networks, and other technological equipment. We have a team of developers that work within our network to assist in developing interfaces that allow your productivity to remain at its peak while the billing tasks are completed timely without additional effort from your office. We will provide you with the personal attention you deserve, and partner with you to ensure your business achieves maximum profitability and efficiency.